Auburndale Speedway April 2013

Crash A Rama: Auburndale Speedway
Chris and Tim for the first time both drove on 2 wheels with the addition of our stunt Chevy Blazer. They made a full lap going slow at some points then sped up past the crowd. Chris then got in the S10 Tim was driving and as it was on the balance point of only 2 wheels, Chris then stood outside the truck. Tim also performed high speed reverse spins.

Chris prepped a Grand Marquis to jump over a full size school bus and just before the show saw he also was going to tow a boat trailer with a homemade outhouse. The outhouse strayed on the trailer until just after hitting the ramp and being airborne. It then collapsed in mid-air. Chris landed the car into the 2nd catch car jumping 120′, the trailer stayed behind the jump car until everything stopped.