History Channel Coming To Fulton

FULTON, NY – (By Dave Medler) – If there wasn’t enough excitement for the “Eve Of Destruction III,” at the Fulton Speedway August 20 featuring  Chris Morena, a world famous daredevil and Hollywood movie stuntman, The History Channel will be on the grounds before and during the show for a brand new reality show called “American Daredevils.”

The History Channel relates this info about the new show where men put their career and lives on the line where there are very few people left in the United States willing to do this:

“Daredevils have a long-held tradition in North American culture. Their roots can be traced to the 1920s when the Barnstormers, returning airmen from World War I, took to the skies and travelled across the nation selling airplane rides and performing dangerous tricks for people in small towns.

Today, daredevils are a dying breed with only a handful of men still touring the country performing stunt shows and trying to scratch out a living in a business where the bigger the stakes, the bigger the payday. American Daredevils follows the lives of three colorful, modern-day professional stuntmen and their crews as they hit the road to embark on a season in which they will compete for records, bragging rights and big venue paydays.”

Chris Morena will be pulling out all the stops with his high flying, metal crunching, ground shaking pyrotechnics for this new show. You never know what he is going to try, as no two shows are the same. Here is just a small sample to get your heart pumping

Another well known stunt name will be on hand with Tim Chitwood from the famous Chitwood family. Tim will attempt to drive around the speedway in a car on two wheels. It can be done on a smooth asphalt track. Question is, can it be done on a high banked dirt track?

You too can be part of the show, the wild Kings “Smash ‘Em And Crash ‘Em,” Demo Derbies, including a Big Car/Small Car and Youth demo derby.

Rules now available online for big car, small car and youth demo. Follow this link for all the info.

If being in a demo derby isn’t your thing, you can get in on the action by being in the chaotic boat races, where you drag a boat behind a car around the track. The last boat still tied to a car is the winner. To enter all you need is a car, boat and steel cable to attach the boat to the car.

We are looking for prop items for the show. Do you have an old camper, boat or car laying around? Why watch it rust away on your property when you can see it go out in a blaze of glory. If you would like to donate please call us (315) 593-6531 or . “ If it’s on hand, I will smash it,” said Morena yesterday.