Lebanon Valley Speedway, NY.

This was the first time MoStunts Entertainment performed at Lebanon Valley Speedway. With a sold-out crowd of over 8,000 it was about going big and hitting hard along with fire explosions. Chris started off with a triple steel wall and ended up hitting 2 out of 3 cars on the first attempt. With a still running car Chris hustled back up the track and came full force slamming into the last upright car sending it spiraling and back down to the ground. It was a great crash to start the night and the crowd was getting pumped. Later in the show Tim showed why he is one of the best hi ski drivers. The track was pitted and had grooves from prior racing, Tim was worried about making a full lap on 2 wheels. He went up the ramp and made it to turn 2 with some weaving and swaying but came back for a second try. Tim then made the full lap no problem, Chris had a hard tim standing on the side and only made it on the back stretch where the track was still smooth enough. Everyone loved watching Tim fight the wheel and was waiting for the truck to roll over but never did.

It was time for Chris to perform his 2nd crash of the night, he was to attempt a 140′  jump over a bus towing a boat. Chris belted in to the Lincoln Continental and circled the speedway gaining the speed he needed. He lined up and hit the ramp sending him soaring over the bus threw the fire balls landing into the 3rd car in the lineup making the Lincoln flip over and land back on the wheels. The crowd was on their feet, it was the first time they saw a car fly such a distance crashing into the catch cars.

Footage of the stunts here


Car jump towing boat video