Past Shows

Lebanon Valley Speedway, NY.

This was the first time MoStunts Entertainment performed at Lebanon Valley Speedway. With a sold-out crowd of over 8,000 it was about going big and hitting hard along with fire explosions. Chris started off with a triple steel wall and ended up hitting 2 out of 3 cars on the first attempt. With a still […]

Wall Stadium Speedway, NJ

MoStunts Entertainment performed 4 stunts on May 25th 2014 at Wall Speedway. Its a great place to be right next to the Jersey shore. Tim drove a Dodge Charger for the hight speed revers spins and circled the track with the S10 as Chris Stood on the side waving to the fans. Chris’ first crash […]

Wheels of Destruction

For the 3rd summer MoStunts Entertainment had been performing at Myrtle Beach Speedway. Chris and Tim are back with 2 cars on 2 wheels, BMW stunt driving, hi speed reverse spins, car roll and 140′ car jump. It’s great to be a part of this high energy show and add to the wow factor. These […]

Anderson Motor Speedway SC

Chris and Tim returned for the second year performing during Crash a Rama this time bringing the pipe ramp and BMW to drive on 2 wheels. 2 cars on 2 wheels circled around the speedway to a sold out crowd. Chris Performed the pipe ramp crash and cartwheeled the car several times on row of […]

Summit Motorsports Park

MoStunts Entertainment was invited to perform at the world famous Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, OH for their 50th anniversary. Chris and Tim were part on an amazing lineup of daredevils and drag racers. Chris performed his biggest crash to date jumping off a new setup. He spiraled a car 2 1/2 times in the […]

Airborne Speedway

With Tim feeling under the weather and stuck in FL he was unable to make the trip to Plattsburg, NY. Chris drove the 2 wheel stunt truck around the speedway twice in front of  a packed grandstand. He then belted himself in for a wild ride. Chris set up the stack of cars and took […]

Fulton Speedway 2013

MoStunts Entertainment performed for the 3rd year at Fulton Speedway. Chris Crashed 5 cars and jumped a hearse 140′ for the Finale. Tim drove around the speedway on 2 wheels while Chris stood on the side.

Wheels of Destruction

MoStunts Entertainment brought in a pipe ramp jump for the shows finale crash during 2013 season. Chris Morena drove the firewall car as well.

Crash A Rama Orlando May 2013

Crash A Rama Orlando Speedworld May 5th 2013 Once again Chris Morena and Tim Chitwood thrilled the audience when they both circled the track during the 2 wheel driving stunt. Tim was right on Chris’ bumper as they maintained balance and speed as true pros.

Auburndale Speedway April 2013

Crash A Rama Auburndale Speedway April 6th 2013. Chris and Tim for the first time both drove on 2 wheels with addition of the stunt Blazer.

Orlando Speedworld Nov. 2012

Crash A Rama Orlando Speedworld Nov 24th 2012. In front of a packed house at Orlando Speedworld for the first time, Chris performed a pipe ramp.

Auburndale Speedway Oct. 2012

Crash A Rama Oct 27th 2012 Auburndale Speedway Tim Chitwood and Chris Morena performed reverse spins, hi ski driving and a car jump over a bus into a row of cars during the Crash a Rama At Auburndale Speedway.

Wheels of Destruction

MoStunts Entertainment brought in 4 stunts to Wheels of Destruction at Myrtle Beach Speedway in Myrtle Beach, NC.

Hickory Motor Speedway

Crash A Rama Hickory Motor Speedway NC July 2012
Chris jumped a car towing trailer over a full size school bus landing 120′ away from the ramp.

Anderson Motor Speedway

Crash A Rama Anderson Motor Speedway SC, May 2012 Chris performed a 100′ car jump towing a trailer.

Fulton Speedway 2012

MoStunts Entertainment took over Fulton Speedway once again for the 2012 Eve of Fire and Destruction. Chris executed 3 stunts with the finale being a 85′ pipe ramp only to land upside down on cars smashing the rood in and rolling the car over on it’s tires.

Thompson Speedway 2012

Chris was invited back to Thompson again, this time he brought the pipe ramp and performed a 360 barrel roll into house trailers parked 100′ away. Chris’ car smashed thru the rear of the campers and landed in the middle hiding the car with all the debris.

Fulton Speedway 2011

Chris shattered the record when he jumped a limousine 137′ in Fulton NY. The jump was part of the “Eve of Destruction show’ on September 11th 2011. The limo hit the last car of the pile and stayed on all 4 wheels. That was Chris’ 4th car stunt of the show.

Hell Raisers of Insanity

Chris toured Australia during June and July 2011 performing car jumps, car rolls, T-bones, sidewinders, steel walls, raced monster trucks, drove the jet van, helped set up and ignite the massive fireworks display.

Thompson Speedway 2011

Chris jumped a car into 4 travel trailers 100′ away landing right in middle and smashing thru them.

Beech Ridge Motor Speedway

On September 17th 2010 Chris performed a 100’ jump towing a house trailer at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway for the “Day of Destruction”.

Charlotte Motor Speedway

On Saturday October 18th 2008 Chris broke a world record for a car towing trailer jump at a distance of 163′ before the Bank of America Nascar race at Charlotte Motor Speedway in N.C. Humpy Wheeler thanked Chris after the stunt and gave him a souvenir token from the speedway. Here are 2 different videos […]

Airborne Speedway June 2008

Chris broke the record for a stock pickup truck distance jump at Airborne Speedway in Plattsburg, N.Y. June 2008. The pickup flew over 2 flatbed trucks and trailers plus 12 cars for a distance of 196′.

Thompson Speedway 2008

In May 2008 for Thompson Speedway’s “Eve of Destruction” Chris jumped a Cadillac towing a trailer 160′ into a row of cars hitting and flipping.