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If your looking for that extra act to put your show over the top, Chris Morena and Tim Chitwood guarantee to thrill audiences of all ages. Over 70 years of experience and more than 600 cars totaled Chris and Tim have the knowledge to safely execute even the most dangerous stunts. Some of Chris’ equipment includes 2 types of tow behind car ramps that are customized for indoor or outdoor jumps, pipe ramp to spiral a car multiple times in the air, portable ramps to be set up at a moments notice for car rolls and smaller type jumps. Tim has been performing auto stunts all his life. Son of the late Joie Chitwood, Tim has executed thousands of ramp to ramp jumps and held the world record for driving a stock auto on just 2 wheels for a distance of 5.9 miles. Depending on your budget and size of show space you will have several choices of auto stunts they are able to perform. Some of the common and fan favorite acts have been car roll overs, T-bone crash, sidewinder, and car jumps. 2 wheel stunts driving always amazes the crowed, Tim will lineup his truck on a narrow ramp placing it on 2 wheels, it’s up to him to then “shuffle steer” the truck to maintain the balance point without rolling over onto the roof. They can be available before and/or after the show for a meet and greet with the fans. Please check out for photos and videos of past performances.

Tim is the son of Joie Chitwood Sr. of the world famous “Joie Chitwood Thrill Show”. With over 4,000 live show performances under his belt few drivers in the history of the automobile thrill show has brought as much excitement and professionalism to this deadly trade as Tim Chitwood. Tim learned the secrets to the thrill show business from his world famous father Joie Chitwood, Sr. Tim has performed for more than 40 years in front of live audiences and before the cameras of Hollywood having over 22 film and TV credits including James Bond “Live and Let Die”, “Smokey and the Bandit III”, Batman Forever” and “Assassins”. Tim has done it all from precission driving to driving a full size car balanced on 2 wheels, to fling automobiles out of a cannon in a ramp to ramp style jump to crashing cars and piloting the world’s fastest stock pick-up that has a jet engine for power. The Chitwood Thunder has been seen melting autos with it’s afterburner at many performances thru out the US.

Combined Chris and Tim have:

  • Over 70 years experience
  • Over 8,500 live stunt show performances
  • 600 + cars crashed
  • Great addition to monster truck shows
  • Excellent safety record
  • Guaranteed to put your audience on the edge of their seat!

Some venues Chris has performed at:

  • Charlotte Motor Speedway
  • Auburndale Speedway
  • Myrtle Beach Speedway
  • Orlando Speedbowl
  • Anderson Motor Speedway
  • Hickory Motor Speedway
  • Beech Ridge Motor Speedway
  • Cayuga County N.Y. Speedway
  • Thompson Speedway
  • Fulton Speedway
  • Townsville Show Grounds QLD, AUS
  • Mackay Show Grounds QLD, AUS
  • Darwin NT, AUS
  • Buchanan Park, Mt. Isa QLD, AUS
  • Mount Isa Show Grounds NT, AUS
  • Numerous fairs in the US and Canada