Wheels of Destruction

The show performed every week on Wednesday nights for 13 weeks. Chris would open the show with a car roll followed by Tim Chitwood and his high speed reverse spins. Tim would drive his 93′ Pontiac Firebird reaching speeds of over 60mph in reverse. He  then turns the wheel shift the gears whip the car around to then drive away in forward without losing any speed. Tim would also perform the hi-ski stunt and drive a stock 2003 Chevy S-10 on only 2 wheels balancing it around the half mile track while Chris climbs out the passenger window and stands on the side of the truck trying to keep his balance.

For the finale Chris jumps a car 150′ into a row of 10 parked cars. No jump is the same, he had some hard hits flipping the jump car after the landing. Chris successfully exited the mangled wreck after every jump. The following is a video of several jumps that have been edited, we will post all the jumps at a later date.

Forward to 13:20 and view an interview with Stuntman Chris Morena and Bob Lutz the speedway owner on a Myrtle Beach morning program

Photos from the 2012 summer at Myrtle Beach Speedway